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About Us

As a country that is constantly in flux, Qatar’s vibrancy creates opportunities that only need be discovered. As a Qatari woman growing up in Doha, I observed that Qatari ladies’ tastes are also changing as they are always seeking out the new trends in fashion and style.


SHEIKHA STYLE is my answer to their needs. Nothing optimizes beauty, style and feminism as our traditional Abayas and Jalabiyas with SHEIKHA STYLE, every design is unique, gracefully put together with elaborate attention to details; comfortable for everyday wear and classy for special occasion.


Welcome to Fashion. Welcome to Elegance. Welcome to SHEIKHA STYLE.



Founder and Owner


Al Sheikha Style is a well-established traditional fashion retail company in the State of Qatar established in 2010. Over the past few years Al Sheikha Style has grown to be one of the foremost traditional fashion retailers in the country catering to the traditional and Conservative fashion customers and is unique it what it offers. With a retail footprint that spans over 5 outlets across Qatar located in prominent malls, Al Sheikha Style has become synonymous with the Traditional fashion.


Sheikha Style boutiques offer the most exclusive and luxurious Abayas and Jalabayas and fashionable accessories .Sheikha style with its own in-house textile fabric and state of the art production facilities with primary focus on rich fabrics , attention to detail and craftsmanship, we strive to achieve intricate details on each and every abaya that we create.

SHEIKHA STYLE is unique in what it offers.


* My personal designs under SHEIKHA STYLE name of khaliji Jalabayas, casual Abayas, and luxurious Abayas.Our designs reflects the country’s unique mingling of traditional customs and modern trends. Each customer who visits Sheikha Style is guaranteed to find something unique and exquisite.


* Bespoke pieces of abayas and galabayas made specially to cater to a customer’s request; whether color, material, or design detail. In addition, we can design custom-made gift packages of abayas and galabayas for all occasions.


* Sheikha Style produces collections of intricately detailed Abayas using the highest quality fabrics from around the world, each fabric is carefully selected to meet customers’ expectations and have since enjoyed phenomenal response which is attributed to its unique and exclusive designs. The class and beauty of our Abayas stem from our roots in the Middle East and each Abaya is enriched with our cultural heritage and the beauty of contemporary designs.

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